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Your Source For Solar Phone Chargers, Solar Flashlights, & iPhone Solar Chargers.

Welcome to!  Our highly durable iPhone solar charger, solar phone chargers, solar flashlights, emergency vehicle light, solar charger for batteries, laptop lights are Proudly Made in the USA.  Where aluminum is used, it is recycled to aircraft grade and recycleable.  Our Nickel Hydride batteries are rechargeable and recyclable.  Our iPhone, iPad, iPod solar chargers, solar phone chargers, solar chargers for batteries, laptop lights, emergency lights and solar flashlights all outperform imported alternatives.  Our component solar panels are 82% effective, versus 28% effective common among imported alternatives.  


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 Basic Emergency Kit  Laptop USB Light  Solar Adventure Light 
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 Why choose
    Proudly Made in the USA - steel parts & housing, solar panels, bulbs and assembly!
    Recyclable Nickel Hydride batteries.  Each rechargeable battery saves 1,000 disposable batteries!
    Where aluminum is used it is recycled to aircraft grade and recyclable.
    We are a socially and environmentally sound small business in Colorado intent on providing high quality, responsibly      
     USA Made solar products!
    Go Solar, Go Green, Cut Cost, End Waste, Be Free!
    We offer a 90 day replacement guarantee.